Opening for Business May 2020

Who We Are

Providence Market Garden, LLC is a suburban microfarm located in Bellevue, Nebraska that produces chemical-free, veganically grown vegetables and sells them by concierge service to local retail consumers.

Providence is owned by Amber Munson, who has a degree in Horticulture and a deep appreciation for the soil and everything that is brought forth from it. She is assisted in certain tasks by two of her children, Dave and Josie. Dave has experience in landscaping, and now has aspirations towards his own lawn-care business. Josie is a high school student who is active in Air Force JROTC, and hopes to become a wildlife conservation officer.

Our Core Values

Clean Food: Good produce, rich in flavor and nutrition, is not grown in a sterile environment. The soil is a major source of a plant’s composition, and bugs, worms, dirt, bacteria, and fungi all play a part in the health of a soil ecosystem, so expect to occasionally find a bug in the vegetables you get from me. What do I mean by clean food, then? 1. I only order seeds from non-GMO certified companies. 2. I will not knowingly use man-made chemicals. 3. I do not use animal-derived fertilizers. 4. You will not receive anything spoiled from me. Wash it carefully, and it will be ready for eating.

Faith: Biblical principles support our sustainability practices, inspire our philanthropy, and drive our integrity.

Efficiency: We believe it’s important to have the proper tools, a convenient location, and to start our business small so that the growth of our farm can match the realistic pace set by Nature.

Continuing Education: Our philosophy is that no one ever knows everything and there’s always room inside your head for more information. To fill that space in our heads there are agricultural conventions, mentorships, books and trade journals, college courses, and of course, the internet. We intend to make use of as many of these as possible.

Organic? No, Veganic!

‘Lettuce’ put your mind at ease — You will never find E. coli on our lettuce because we will never use manure, which is THE source of E. coli. There are safe ways to use manure, but your peace of mind is more important to us. We plan to use fertilizers that are not only organic, but either plant- or mineral-based, such as compost, sea weed, and greensand.

That will also make our garden kosher. Vegetables are automatically kosher, but certain animal-derived fertilizers such as bloodmeal, bonemeal, or shellfish can be considered contaminants to those who adhere to a kosher diet. You will never find any of those in our garden.

Organic, veganic, biodynamic, permaculture, etc are all branches on the same tree. Each one, in its own exacting ways, seeks to take the highest level of care for the earth, while providing the highest quality food. If you must have organic vegetables, contact Terry Troxel, my mentor and the owner of Iowana Farm in Crescent, IA. She runs a superb certified organic CSA and she will treat you right.

What is Concierge Vegetable Gardening?

Concierge vegetable gardening means that I am growing your vegetables in my garden. There are no contracts and the choices, limited only by availability, are entirely yours. When you need something, call or text with an order. Then I will pick it and deliver it to your home that day. Or, if you prefer to skip the delivery charge, you may pick up your order at my garden by appointment. Food doesn’t get any fresher than that!

To order, simply call or text (402) 312-3305.

For Kindred Spirits and Early Birds

I know the joy that gardening brings. True gardeners at heart will always have a home garden until something stops them. For you, I am offering to start high quality vegetable plants by custom order. The ordering window for our area is March 1 – April 10, 2020. After you place your order, I will start the quantities and varieties of seeds you’ve chosen in 6-packs in time to be delivered in May at the age of 6 weeks. At this time, the seeds I have available are: Beets, Broccoli, Kale, Lettuce, Peppers, Summer Squash, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, and Herbs. For more information, send me your email address. My contact information is found below.

Let’s Keep in Touch

We are proud of our garden and we want our customers to see where their food comes from. As of this writing (March 5, 2020), the only product I have to offer is vegetable plants to gardeners, but I expect to have some produce in May of this year, starting with salad greens. At that time, I will post the address of the garden. In the mean time, you can contact me by call or text:

Providence Market Garden, LLC
(402) 312-3305

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